Utilize robust order fulfillment for your physical warehouses, on-the-go inventory, 3PL, or drop shipping

Best Warehouse Management & Control System

Order Fulfillment

From sales orders and transfer orders to credit returns and RMAs, manage your warehouse operations with ease with the best warehouse management system.


Save time and money with accurate barcode scanning, or quickly scan plain text to record serial numbers and part data


Implement routing capabilities for timely and efficient picking throughout the warehouse


Scan, organize, and record carton configurations to accurately prepare goods for shipment


Automate your documentation to generate packing slips, bills of lading, and commercial invoices


Eliminate double entry by connecting directly to FedEx, UPS, USPS, and carriers worldwide


Print shipping labels directly from Fishbowl to eliminate unnecessary manual steps


Optimise your buying power with vendor cost rules and cost thresholds to properly manage your budgets using our warehouse control system.

Manage minimum order quantities and unit of measure requirements with vendors to maintain compliance when purchasing.


Automated purchasing, vendor management, and order approvals drive visibility and maintain purchasing accuracy

Vendor Management

Manage costs, estimated lead times, and vendor part numbers across a variety of vendors


Identify preferred vendors to expedite your reorder process

Auto Purchasing

Analyze stock levels, current inventory demand, incoming purchase orders, and reorder points to determine what needs to be purchased


Save time and eliminate stockouts and dead stock with automated purchase order creation for preferred vendors

Approval Process

Create rules for purchase order approval to prevent incomplete or errant orders from being submitted to vendors


Customize user permissions to tailor the buying and approval process to specific workflows

Receive Goods

View anticipated delivery dates for orders and where those goods are needed to preempt inventory shortages or overages


Efficiently scan items and accurately record quantity, location, and part-tracking information


Separate receipt of physical goods from cost reconciliation considerations, like shipping, taxes, and other fees


Adjust costs and include additional fees to calculate the true landed cost of received goods

Case Study

Achieves 100% on time delivery of forward orders while keeping inventories at economic levels.

Crossroad Distributor Source

"The fact that it would integrate with QuickBooks was a strong advantage. Very impressed by the Fishbowl with their proactive responsiveness."

Warehouse management system for small business.

Warehouse control system

Let us show you how to optimise every inch of your inventory and see it in real time with the best warehouse management system.


“With Fishbowl it allows me to look at the whole inventory - everything - and focus strictly on those items that I am going to be short on. It allows me to take a look out and see what's going to happening in the future. For me that's a big advantage”

Ron Wataszko

Niche Bakers

“It's quicker and easier; we can actually read the lines and it is simpler to use overall.”



Susan Brusaw,

Co-Owner, Industrial Engingine Service

“We needed a reliable system where sales reps could view real time inventory. A one stop shop to accomplish all our daily tasks.  Without Fishbowl things would have been very difficult.”



Red X Medical

“Once we got Fishbowl up and running we found just how easy our order management and inventory 'problems' were to solve. Having accurate real time inventory has taken a ton of stress out of our team.”


Joe Marks,

Stego Industries

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