Fishbowl Inventory

Inventory tracking in the warehouse or out in the field on one, easy-to-use platform

Advanced Business Inventory Management

order management software

Track items most important to your business

Tracking and traceability are pivotal elements of effective and optimal inventory management, but what if you track one part by quantity and another by weight? How can you incorporate batch numbers and expiration dates for compliance reasons? No sweat.

We’d like to think we covered the bases with a robust list of built-in options, but no one knows your business like you do. Select from a few of our recommendations or customise to your heart’s content.

Best inventory management software giving you a complete inventory control system.

Track your stock from anywhere, anytime

Maintaining accurate and up-to-the-minute inventory records is crucial to running an efficient operation. Ensuring time spent creating and compiling those records is, too. With intelligent software, it’s possible to gain real-time traceability and detailed reporting while eliminating manual steps, data entry, and errors.

Inventory Control

Automated inventory management platform works as hard as you do


Systemwide visibility on all your parts & tracking data

Scanning and Barcoding

Accuracy and efficiency with scanning hardware or a smart device

Asset Management

Know where your equipment is and its availability for use

Warehouse Management

Inventory-tracking for single and multi-location businesses

Pricing and Costing

Connect your pricing model and landed costs in one, intuitive platform

Match your costing structure to your inventory usage for better control of your margins

Whether you use standard, average, FIFO, or LIFO costing, Fishbowl matches your inventory activity to your methodology, then gives you actionable data through detailed reporting.

Case Study

Go from spreadsheets to complete advanced business inventory management automation

Prince Michael Winery

Best inventory management software

A Fishbowl demo can be matched to your industries requirements to give you complete inventory control management.


“With Fishbowl it allows me to look at the whole inventory - everything - and focus strictly on those items that I am going to be short on. It allows me to take a look out and see what's going to happening in the future. For me that's a big advantage”

Ron Wataszko

Niche Bakers

“It's quicker and easier; we can actually read the lines and it is simpler to use overall.”



Susan Brusaw,

Co-Owner, Industrial Engingine Service

“We needed a reliable system where sales reps could view real time inventory. A one stop shop to accomplish all our daily tasks.  Without Fishbowl things would have been very difficult.”



Red X Medical

“Once we got Fishbowl up and running we found just how easy our order management and inventory 'problems' were to solve. Having accurate real time inventory has taken a ton of stress out of our team.”


Joe Marks,

Stego Industries

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