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Fishbowl + StarShipIt

If you use freight carriers to send your goods out to your customers, then the StarshipIt integration could save your dispatch team time and save you money


“We have moved thousands of orders since starting the Starshipit integration (late Sept 2020) and have found significant accuracy increases and labour cost savings as a result. Investments with such a short ROI are not easy to find and this is one we could have happily executed sooner.”

James Stonham,


Starshipit is an online shipping solution that works with multiple e-commerce platforms and carriers to enable parcel and freight shipping.
Fishbowl integrates with Starshipit to further speed up its order fulfillment capabilities and keep accurate inventory records as orders are shipped.

If you ship 15+ orders per day using a courier then the Starshipit integration will pay for itself in no time. No need to enter customers details in Fishbowl and again in Starshipit. Eliminate the double entry! 

Here is a rundown on the features and benefits of the Fishbowl-Starshipit integration.


  • At the time of entering an order in Fishbowl, the Starshipit plugin allows you to calculate and add a freight charge onto the Sales Order. This is optional, but very handy if you like to charge your customers for freight based on what items are being shipped
  • Once you have “Packed” your order in Fishbowl, the order will automatically upload to Starshipit for processing with your preferred carrier
  • Customer information, address details, carton or pallet quantities and dimensions are auto filled reducing the need for double entry
  • Once the carrier labels are processed and ready for the carrier to collect, Fishbowl downloads the details of the completed shipment from Starshipit and applies Tracking information and Shipped Carrier details to the order, and fulfils Shipment in Fishbowl
  • Your order is now complete and the Tax Invoice is ready to be pushed to your accounting system


  • Ship with all major Australian & New Zealand parcel carriers,
  • Minimise data entry errors with quick and precise data synchronisation,
  • Streamline shipping processes, and reduce costs with rate shopping in Starshipit,
  • Give freight quotes instantly with the Sales Order Module Plugin,
  • Compatible with Custom and standard Fishbowl e-commerce Plugin Integrations.

Our Service

  • Same day installation,
  • 1 Business Day Support SLA,
  • This integration will always be kept up to date with new Fishbowl versions.

Pick & Pack with Fishbowl + Ship with StarShipIt


Supports multiple sales channels

Perhaps you sell on eBay, through your own online store and also over the phone – no problem! These orders are imported into Fishbowl for you to Pick and Pack. Once Packed, Starshipit will import these orders into one centralised spot. From there, you have their order status at your fingertips.

Supports multiple carriers

Wherever you want to ship, and whoever you want to do it with, Starshipit has you covered. It will allocate orders to the couriers you specify, at the rates you have negotiated … according to rules you set. Easy as pie!

Full list of carriers

Imports orders automatically with write-back

Fishbowl orders will import into one, cloud-accessible spot – automatically! 

Orders can also be manually created and an address book used for commonly needed addresses.
And with Starshipit’s ‘write back’ feature, your stores admin panel will be automatically updated with the order’s courier status and tracking details.

Corrects addresses automatically

Starshipit has an awesome feature that makes correcting invalid addresses as simple as one click!

Generates labels automatically with batch printing

With one click, Starshipit will create courier labels either to PDF or directly to your thermal printer. You have the option of printing individually or batch printing. Using a barcode scanner, you can also scan your picking slip and labels will be printed automatically.

Creates picking slips, manifests & customs documentation automatically

Starshipit takes the headache out of sending packages internationally too by automatically creating the required documentation and lodging it with customs.

Allocate orders according to rules engine

Based on rules defined by the merchant, Starshipit allocates the order to the correct courier service. Extremely configurable rules can be defined by location, weight, size and delivery expectation. 

Connect to as many couriers as required including same day, standard, express and international – all manageable from in one central place.

Enables order-splitting, ship from store, and multi-location shipping.

No matter how complex your supply chain, Starshipit will enable the most efficient means of distribution. Need to split an order into multiple shipments from different warehouses? No problem. Want to ship from the nearest store instead of a centralised warehouse? Can do. It’s all possible with Starshipit’s child account functionality.

Books courier pick ups

Starshipit will even notify your courier/s that there are parcels to be collected.

Overview of the Startshipit plugin

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