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Oval Brand Fire Products

They found an ideal solution in Fishbowl Manufacturing. Rachmel notes, “We eventually found our way to Fishbowl, and we saw a system that was very simple to use and didn’t require a lot of resources. Once we have the material in house, we’re able to watch it move and flow through the manufacturing facility. So at any point in time we know what stage the product is at, we know how many parts and pieces we have on hand.”

Beyond the many useful features they found in Fishbowl Manufacturing, they were pleasantly surprised to learn that there was another product they could take advantage of to save even more time and money. “With a small facility where all hands are on deck, we have people building product, we have people entering orders, we don’t have a lot of margin and tolerance for paperwork and administrative stuff,” Rachmel explains.

Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery

  • Improve net income by 17% and cash flow by 40%
  • Save $25,000 annually by eliminating the need for outside accounting firm cost calculations
  • Reduce inventory adjustments from 12% to 2%
  • Save over $10,000 annually by decreasing stockouts from approximately twice monthly to non-existent
  • Reduce timeframe for cost to manufacture calculations from 6 months AFTER year-end to immediatly upon manufacture and increase accuracy by more than 10%
  • Easily change part and product numbers as needed (due to Fishbowl’s descriptive approach that incorporates underlying system numbers)
  • Avoid replacing QuickBooks
  • Improve understanding of business line profitability through Fishbowl’s use of the QuickBooks “class” which provides a third “look” to go along with product and customer margins.

Teas etc.

“Fishbowl makes our organic product tracking and reconciliation significantly easier and more accurate,” Johnston says. With these inventory tracking tools, Teas Etc. has been able to prevent stockouts by setting automatic reorder points and maintaining the right amounts of ingredients and tea blends. Keeping the correct quantity of finished products on hand is extremely important in the tea industry because those products have a limited shelf life.

In addition, many blends require multiple steps to create, such as flavouring tea leaves before putting them together with other ingredients. Johnston explains how Fishbowl Manufacturing makes multilevel manufacturing simpler: “Through Fishbowl, we track the flavoured tea leaves, blended product, and packaged product. If we don’t have, at minimum, those flavoured tea leaves ready to be blended (which doesn’t require the same amount of time) it causes a chain reaction in our production system and significantly impairs our turnaround time.”

Niche Bakers

Niche is not only enjoying better centralization in its order management, but it’s also using Fishbowl to prevent shortages and keep production running smoothly. “With Fishbowl, it allows me to look at the whole inventory – everything – and focus strictly on those items that I’m going to be short on,” says Ron Wataszko, Niche’s Inventory Manager. “And it allows me to address those concerns, those issues – try to resolve them before it actually affects production… Timing is important. Running out is not acceptable. Fishbowl allows me to take a look out and see what’s going to be happening in the future. For me, that’s a big advantage.”

In the end, Fishbowl is exactly what Niche needed to keep up with its increasingly fast-paced operation. “Fishbowl allows us to mix good people with automation,” Wood acknowledges.

Crossroad Distributor Source

The fact that it would integrate with QuickBooks was a strong advantage. In investigating the software, Casey was very impressed by the Fishbowl reps with their proactive responsiveness. 

In the first call to Fishbowl, the rep led Casey through the GoToMeeting presentation where he could see how the user interface worked. When he saw how easy it was to use, and how cost effective the product would be, the decision-making process was considerably shortened.

Spark R&D

Since implementing Fishbowl the team at Enzed have seen improvements to their everyday sales processes including the ability to complete real time sales, and Fishbowl automatically emailing customers their invoices, making for a more streamlined and professional workflow. 

East Coast Defender

When I contacted Fishbowl and I said, ‘Look, this is what we do,’ not only did they listen, they went, ‘Look at the different variations of the models. Look at the number of components. Look at the accessibility of parts.’ And I went, ‘That’s us!’ And that’s why Fishbowl is the best solution.”

Industrial Engine Service

IES immediately realized many benefits from switching to Fishbowl. They were able to effortlessly implement and learned to use Fishbowl for their specific needs. “It is quicker and easier; we can actually read the lines, and it is simpler to use overall,” said Susan. “And when anybody needs to look up a part without knowing the exact number, it can be easily done. It really is user friendly.”

Reptile Industries

Fishbowl turned out to be a great fit for Reptile Industries, utilizing barcode printing and scanning to better organize their animals and keep order flowing smoothly to their customers. “Fishbowl, for us, was streamlining our shipping. That’s what it really helped us with. You need Fishbowl. It will definitely help you streamline your shipping and your inventory.”

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