Fishbowl Anywhere

Fishbowl Anywhere offers online access to your Fishbowl, from wherever you are

Fishbowl Anywhere is a plugin that lets you use Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse wherever you like.

Fishbowl Anywhere gives your salespeople, warehouse workers, and other decision makers greater flexibility and access to all features, functions, and inventory data when they need it most, from wherever they are in the world. 

Install the Fishbowl Server onto a desktop computer and set up the Fishbowl Anywhere plugin, then you’ll be able to simply open a web browser on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other device and get instant access to the full functionality of Fishbowl from anyplace you have internet access. 

Everything you can do on the desktop version of Fishbowl, from generating sales orders to tracking shipments, you can now do on the road or wherever you might be.


Here are three scenarios in which Fishbowl Anywhere would be extremely useful to a business:


A salesperson is out in the field, and they want to check the quantity of products they have in stock and then record sales to start the order fulfillment process quickly. Fishbowl Anywhere allows salespeople to get accurate inventory counts to ensure they have enough on hand to make good on their promises. They can also create sales orders to make sure their sales get entered into the inventory system as soon as possible. They can then log in and check on the status of their orders at any time. No more guesswork or unnecessary delays. Fishbowl Anywhere makes the role of sales that much easier and more precise.

Away from the office

A warehouse manager is out sick or on holiday, and no one else has sufficient access rights to place an order or complete some other essential duty. This is a simple problem to resolve with the help of Fishbowl Anywhere. Warehouse managers and other leaders who hold high-level access rights, no longer have to be in the office to sign in to Fishbowl and make updates. They can stay right where they are and use their smartphone or other device to complete important tasks. If someone is sick or out of town, they can put forth a little effort and still accomplish everything they need to do to keep things running smoothly back at the warehouse.

3rd Party access

A company works with third-party manufacturers and needs to allow them restricted access to certain parts of its inventory system. Fishbowl’s user rights really shine here. 

When working with contractors or other third parties, a company needs to protect its valuable information while opening up enough to allow them to do their jobs. Fishbowl’s user rights restricts access to only those areas of the software that a company designates for each user. Thus, each user can access certain things without being exposed to data they would have no use for. This prevents confusion, data breaches, data-entry errors, and other potential problems. And, again, Fishbowl Anywhere makes it possible for outside users to access the software from afar.

To find out more watch this introductory video showing the setup and log in process.

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