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Advanced Inventory Management

A powerful software solution to automate your stock management.

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Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Complex production planning and scheduling, bill of materials with an option to vary components and work order management.

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Advanced Inventory, Manufacturing & Order Management Software

Fishbowl Advanced provides manufacturing, warehouse and order management software solutions for QuickBooks and Xero.  Offering many tools to help you automate your processes, cut costs and boost efficiency.  

Flexible ERP Software Solution

Gain full visibility into your warehouse and manufacturing workflows, streamline integrations, and grow your business – in weeks, not months.


best order management software
order management software

Offers a single, unified system

Fishbowl integrates with the most popular business solutions to automate your critical business processes and improve efficiency giving you the best order management software.

  • Utilise real-time inventory visibility and control across all locations
  • Leverage robust order fulfilment for your physical warehouses, on-the-go inventory, 3PL, or drop shipping
  • Create consistency, flow, and predictability for your most complex manufacturing processes

Intuitive tools

Transform your business operations with tools and services designed with you in mind. As your business grows, so do your operational requirements and customer needs.

Fishbowl provides insight into your most crucial processes, so you can adapt.

online order management system
best order management software

Real-time inventory visibility

  • Accurate inventory counts
  • Multi-location visibility
  • Part, partial- and complete-assembly traceability
  • Asset tracking and management

Easy integrations

Fishbowl’s inventory management platform allows you to effortlessly integrate payments from point-of-sale and ecommerce platforms into your accounting records.

Easily customize everything from purchase orders to RMAs, and pricing tiers to pick tickets all in one place.

Complete control

Fishbowl helps you accurately track your inventory from bins to warehouses, customise your part and product labels to meet your specific inventory management needs, and automate repetitive processes to eliminate the need for manual data entry.

With a full-featured, customisable platform, you spend less time on paperwork and more time growing your business.

  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Customise tracking criteria
  • Structure pricing tiers
  • Automate purchase and manufacture orders
order management system

Some of Fishbowl Advanced Many Features

best order management software

Best order management software

As part of your order management system you have order management software and an online order management system.

online order management system


Organise complex manufacturing jobs with multi level work orders, bills of material and production stages.

order management software


Fishbowl comes with the facility to use barcode scanning as standard. Perform all your warehouse tasks with greater accuracy.

Compare the Difference

order management system

You can have Fishbowl installed and up and running in a matter of a few weeks.

Join the 50,000+ users Worldwide

Whether you are manufacturing, distributing, selling, servicing, repairing or managing goods, Fishbowl can handle your processes with ease. Fishbowl is a powerful asset tracking solution for any size of business.  With Fishbowl Inventory Management Software you save time and money by organising your inventory information and keeping it constantly up to date. Effective control of all your inventory.

Oval Brand Fire Products

Once we have the material in house, we’re able to watch it move and flow through the manufacturing facility. So, at any point in time we know what stage the product is at and we know how many parts and pieces we have on hand.”

Andy Rachmel CFO, CIO

See what customers have said


“With Fishbowl it allows me to look at the whole inventory - everything - and focus strictly on those items that I am going to be short on. It allows me to take a look out and see what's going to happening in the future. For me that's a big advantage”

Ron Wataszko

Niche Bakers

“It's quicker and easier; we can actually read the lines and it is simpler to use overall.”



Susan Brusaw,

Co-Owner, Industrial Engingine Service

“We needed a reliable system where sales reps could view real time inventory. A one stop shop to accomplish all our daily tasks.  Without Fishbowl things would have been very difficult.”



Red X Medical

“Once we got Fishbowl up and running we found just how easy our order management and inventory 'problems' were to solve. Having accurate real time inventory has taken a ton of stress out of our team.”


Joe Marks,

Stego Industries


No credit card details required. Enter your details and download your free trial now!

Just fill in the information and click the GET STARTED button to access our download. The free-trial versions are fully functional copies of our software with all capabilities enabled. A Fishbowl technician will contact you — usually within two business days — to help answer any questions you may have. 

Important: We will never sell your information to third parties.



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